The belief about raising pets is a luxury,
but there are three reasons why this belief is not true and makes you believe
in the importance of raising a pet.

Pet breeding will rid you of loneliness and anxiety

A study conducted by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Liverpool,
British, that raising pets promotes calm, and helps to get rid of anxiety and loneliness, and increase physical activity,
and also contribute to the preoccupation with symptoms of mental disorder.

The study also found that raising pets provides emotional support
and care of a different kind to the mental patient and gives him a sense of responsibility,
and helps him to forget the symptoms of his psychological situation even in serious cases and focus on the
present more than the evocation of the past,
and increase its interaction with the social environment surrounding and give a sense of importance and value.

A survey conducted by French researchers at the France-based Femmes Online Surveys
found that 30 percent of married women prefer to take their domestic animals with their husbands on public holidays,
and 59 percent of couples surveyed believe that dog companionship Or cat allows the consolidation of relations between spouses,
according to the Middle East News Agency.

Protect children from allergies and obesity

Children who are exposed to pets in their mothers’ wombs,
and in the first period after their birth, up to 3 months,
have more pneumococcus and philosophizer bacteria, which reduce children’s sensitivity and obesity, according to a Canadian study conducted by the University of Alberta.

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