Haski Dogs
Haski Dogs

Haski dogs in warm areas
As a result of our questions about how to care for Haski dogs,
we offer some tips that will help breeders care for their dogs in our high-temperature Arab world.

First, we must know that these dogs just like us need a cold atmosphere.
Haski often has double fur,
which is a thick fur that helps keep the Haski body warm in the cold and cool areas of the warm areas.
Warm, but would prefer not to do so. Because this hair was created to help the Haski survive and survive in very cold and heat conditions as well. Also, the hair acts as a barrier to prevent parasites, insects and other infiltration into the skin of the dog.

Some educators prefer haircut

there are pros to haircut hair,
for example, the dog will not remain wet for a long time after taking a bath or swimming. Also, the hair that will grow after the haircut will be smoother than the previous and less contract. But in general,
it is recommended to haircut the hair of the Haski only for the utmost need as a medical reason,
for example.

Haski Dogs

Secondly, when building a house for your dog, make sure it is made of wood, and avoid the concrete floor.
Cement floor will keep the heat,
and this will be uncomfortable for your dog and do not mind putting some straw on the floor.
The ceiling should preferably be flat.
There is no objection to the dog to stay with you in the room
or in the house where the cold air and air conditioners.

Third, he loves to swim in cold water in very hot climates,
so it would be nice to have an industrial pond and fill it with cold water. It is best to place it in a shady place. (Water should not be too cold)

Fourth, he loves to drink clean and cool water,
so make sure to change your dog’s water regularly and prefer to have cool water,
and be careful to put the water in a place exposed to the sun
to keep the water as cool as possible.

Valhaski loves hiking and activities, so be careful with him in the early morning when the weather is cold. And avoid his brother in a walk in the afternoon.

Additional tips:
Be sure to give your dog plenty of space to run and play outside his home,
because Haski is an active and loving dog to play,
and make sure that the walls are high and the doors are closed and make him leave the house only with you unless he is well trained not to escape.

Haski Dogs

Make sure your dog’s feet are safe and check regularly.
Make sure they are not damaged by walking on the asphalt. Check your dog’s nails should not be too long to prevent normal foot movement.

It is nice to have a Haski Dogs on a friend, either from the same platoon or from another platoon.

Beware of leaving your dog in a car in the summer, especially at noon. Because inside the car the temperature may exceed 60 degrees Celsius within five minutes,
even if the windows are open, and the dog can not sweating, for example,
to get rid of excess heat and this will cause the heated difficulty breathing.

If you have any questions or questions, please let me know. Comments are open to everyone. I will help you as much as possible.
Haski Dogs

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