Pets and their ability to improve human physical and mental health. In this context, experts advise the breeding of cats and dogs in terms of health education and preventive.

The presence of a pet at home can improve the health of the individual in general,
because of the physical and psychological benefits.

According to some experts, the benefits of raising a domestic animal may be spectacular. While there are some pets that are more useful than others at the health level,
the breeding of others can be risky if you do not have the proper care.

The site said that humans are exceptionally receptive to raising cats and dogs, the most popular factions among pet lovers. These animals are humane and healthy, able to cope with their breeders,
and humans have developed extensive knowledge about these animals, especially in the field of veterinary medicine.

Although cats and dogs can transmit microorganisms that have a negative impact on human health, we can,
through hygiene and vaccination, avoid the risk of any infection or virus.

There are some differences between these animals regarding health, the site said. For example, “toxoplasmosis” is the only negative point in cats. A disease transmitted by a parasite called the “gonadal arch”, which usually has negative health effects on pregnant women.

However, the immune system can respond to this infection and reduce its risk.

The vast majority of cat owners are immune to this parasite,
because their immune system has developed antigens to eliminate the disease without any obvious symptoms.

Dogs are the most beneficial pets for our health,
and being at home can bring great benefits to our emotional health.
In fact, contact with these animals helps to secret the dopamine and serotonin in the brain continuously,
which helps to combat stress and prevents the disruption of heart function.

According to a study in the United States,
people who have heart disease and have dogs are living longer than others. This is logical because people with dogs walk with their animals for at least 20 minutes a day. Thus, owning a dog increases a person’s physical activity and improves heart rhythm. In addition, pet lovers are usually less prone to depression.

And the website that it usually causes the allergic reaction of fur is a problem for some people. Many experts point out that children who raise dogs are less likely to have allergies. This is due to the fact that the immune system adapts to pets,
but the bacterial components in the bodies of dogs can contribute to the strengthening of our immune defenses.

On the other hand, patients with allergies can choose strains that do not have fur,
such as Mexican dogs, the Argentine “Bella” breed, the Chinese hippopotamus, or the English Bulldog.

The site pointed out that choosing the most beneficial pet for our health depends on the analysis of many variables. First, identify the species that pose a greater risk to humans. Second, be sure to know the health benefits of our favorite pets. In the past, pets such as hamsters and turtles were thought to be ideal companions for children. But we are now aware that such animals carry germs and infections are very dangerous; because of the salmonella virus.

In conclusion, the site said that dogs remain the most appropriate choice among all pets if we consider the health worker. Living with these animals, despite their simple risks, generates positive effects in our lives. In this matter, the decisiveness depends on the convictions of the individual and his particular inclination to a specific type of animal,

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