pet dogs are always stealing things they shouldn’t be … food, socks, one more dog, you call it, opportunities are a dog has actually attempted to escape it.

A Twitter individual recognized as Eunice shared pictures of her pet dog, Maggie’s effort to swipe her papa’s dentures. Sadly for Maggie, concealing a set of dentures is an uphill struggle for a Shih Tzu.

Eunice composed that day her dad took his dentures out in the center of the mid-day since his periodontal had actually been injuring him.

Eventually, he went to sleep, and also Maggie saw a possibility.

She stood out those fools right into her very own mouth!

Eunice informed BuzzFeed news that when her dad got up from his snooze
he found Maggie under the living-room table showing off the brand-new teeth.

“I remained in splits chuckling and also revealing every one of my colleagues,”
she stated when her dad texted her the pictures of Maggie.

You guys! A few months ago my dog, Maggie,
stole my dad’s dentures while he was napping (his gums had been hurting him so he took them out mid-afternoon)
and he found her like this. Lmfaooo im dead rn remembering this @dog_feelings@dog_rates

— Eunice (@eUniFiEd) August 24, 2018

Although it took Eunice a “couple of months” to share the funny images of Maggie putting on Eunice’s dad’s dentures on Twitter,
they have actually given that been retweeted over 50,000 times.

Ultimately every little thing exercised, Eunice, stated her daddy remained in the marketplace for a brand-new set.

To stay up to date with Maggie’s roguishness, you can comply with the “defiant” puppy on Instagram.

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