dogs have two different air passages, one for breathing and one for sniffing. This allows them to store odors in their noses even while exhaling.

A brief description of dog behavior:

The dogs were taken by the man in the guard, hunting and hauling the wagons. It was utilized in the war to protect and carry messages. There are trained dogs that lead the blind and deaf in the streets and domestic work as a deaf reminder to the telephone bell or door or lead the blind to roam the house or cross the street.

Some types of dogs are characterized by strong sniffing

And therefore trained on other tasks such as detecting drugs, crackers, dynamite and Persian ants and drowning in deep water.

Traps can be traced to earthquakes, fires, and some dogs can listen to unhealthy sounds. Even a dog can hear the clock at 40 feet. Home dogs vary in appearance, size, and color.

Despite these differences in all dog species

they are all anatomically identical. there are 321 bones in the skeleton. Breeds differ in the number of tail bones. But the thoracic cage consists of 13 pairs of ribs and consists of the spine of 7 vertebrates in the neck and 13 paragraphs in the chest and 7 vertebrae and 3 vertebrae in deficit. And the hind legs each have 4 claws and four fingers.

There claws in four or five fingers out. There claws in four or 5 fingers out. The puppy has twenty-eight temporary youngsters, however, when half dozen months area unit|they’re} replaced and forty-two are permanent.

All dog species live in all continents of the world, including the Antarctic, forests, and forests in temperate and temperate regions, desert, mountains, and tundra. Gray wolves are the ancestors of pet dogs. They are carnivores of large animals, such as buffalo, chalk and deer, and small animals such as rabbits and mice. The dogs are loud enough to hear them and the sense of smells roaming around to guard large areas of wolves or to search for food.

Males mate with females in January and then give birth from 5 to 6 due to breastfeeding from their nipples. And share in food after weaning. Puppies are blindly born and unable to stand. 90% of its time is dormant. And the rest of the time breastfeeding. Puppies cannot resist high cold because of the lack of blood circulation, so the puppies stick to her mother to get the heating.

The mother cleans the puppies and takes care of them like other female mammals, while the father does not play any part in that task.

Among the dogs, there is a language that speaks, including body language, facial expressions, tail lift, stand, and individual ears. Standing above the back indicates fear, discomfort, aggression or submission.

These signals are important. Also, in the case of sharpness and extreme hostility, the dog spreads its teeth and loosens the ears and the tail and stiffen his legs and the back of his hair and grow or bark. Dogs define the boundaries of their regions with their urine, and their smell is a language of communication to warn other animals, especially among other dogs.

He defends these boundaries by barking, snarling or expressing in his own language. Pet dogs tend to train to express their loyalty to their owner and to admire him.

The dog lives from 8 to 12 years depending on the environment in which he lives and takes care of him. Before the acquisition of a dog, the veterinarian must carefully disclose it to treat the diseases of the infected person.

Or vaccination against (rabies), and the dog needs good food, hygiene, shelter, outdoor exercise, water and training for 16-30 minutes daily and continuously.

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