Cats are excellent fathers by nature and devise themselves to protect their young. They do not have the instinct to kill their young ones. However, sometimes the mother kills their young ones either in self-defense or survival. These cases are very rare and not very common among the nymphs

Causes of killing mother cats for young people:

Some cats became pregnant very early when their maternal instincts were not yet fully developed. In such cases, their young cats were killed by ambiguity and confusion, or the voice of the young raised the instincts of fecundity and did not realize that these young children should be cared for. It is sometimes hereditary (the cats that fled from the clutches of her mother when she was small will kill her young when she becomes a mother)

Mother and young

Another reason is the mother’s accurate estimate of a small chance of survival. If the chances of his survival are weak or non-existent, he will kill him until he is merciful and in order to save her energy and time (so that she can reproduce) and not to lose her milk. Sometimes the mother is in a difficult situation and she dies tiredly.

Kill the young and eat it to regain its activity and can reproduce again and perform its work in full the next time
Some cats die within minutes after birth because of a congenital defect. In such cases, the mother deliberately devours it to get rid of the body in a healthy way and in order to strengthen herself to go out, catch and reproduce again, and do not forget that if the body remains in the hiding place it will smell and rot and bring the animals to its hiding place

You might kill young cats if you feel threatened If you think a certain place is not safe enough to harbor their cats it will try to move the cats to another place looking and looking and if you can not find a more comfortable place you will kill the young because they know they will not live long and have no chance to stay Life Cats may die during an accident during transportation. As we know, the nymphs are graceful climbers and have huge leaps, but the presence of a cat with her mouth will hinder her movement and the cat may fall from her mouth and die.
Clip mother to carry her small to a safe place:

Some mothers are very tired or born at the wrong time of the year Such mothers will kill their young people so that they have another chance to reproduce during a better time of the year and the younger ones have a greater chance of survival Some cats born in the winter have very little chance of survival Is alive because the mother cat has no prey at this time of year and therefore kills her young, and this applies only to wild cats
In wild cats that live in groups, the leading female kills other young mothers of the same group so that their young people have a greater chance of survival
If an unknown person touches cats very early in the birth during the mother’s absence, the mother cat will not recognize the young after her return because of the odor left by the person.

The mother will be killed by fear, anxiety or confusion.
No matter how rare these cases occur, they will occur only if the mothers feel threatened or seriously threatened or they know that young people have no chance of survival

This applies to wild, stray, and wild cats only. It does not apply to domesticated cats. Therefore, you can ensure that the cat you own does not kill the young, however, because of the availability of food, safety, and location unless it is hereditary or the cat dies immediately after birth

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